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Different Kratom Strains

In the world of Kratom, there are a lot of different types of Kratom. Usually, the name is due to the place where it originally grows. Years of growth in a certain climate affects the active substances in the Kratom leaves. Here we have listed all the Kratom species for you.


Malay is a Kratom strain that is seen as stimulating with many benefits. It is not so powerful for relieving pain and anxiety, but it can help to reduce tension without drowsiness or fatigue. Malay is also one of the Kratom strain with a long effect. It is often combined with other types to bring the effects together. Users say that mixing this leaf with other green or white strains can prevent overstimulating effects. The Green Malay Kratom gives you a positive view of the world, helps you focus, and keep up your attention span.


This strain comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Red Sumatra is an excellent stress reliever and a good sleep tool. The effects usually last longer than with other strains. The White Sumatra offers energy and a euphoric feeling. Ideal for a long focus and stimulation for the whole day. Although not as strong as other strains, the effects have a longer duration and are very pleasant to experience.

Maeng Da

This well-known Kratom strain originates from Thailand and is continuously assessed as one of the strongest strains available. It is a good energy booster and a mood enhancer and is often used as a substitute for caffeine. Maeng Da stands for 'Pimp's Grade' in Thai - a name used for the strongest Kratom strains. It has a long duration and has intense effects; most users need a smaller dose to get the same results. Although the analgesic effect is not so strong at lower doses, it can be very calming at high doses and be effective in reducing pain and controlling anxiety.


This strain is actually growing in Borneo and not on the island of Bali. It was called "Bali Kratom" because it was sent to the international markets to the ports of Bali. Bali and Borneo Kratom are usually interchangeable as names in most cases. Bali is considered a more relaxing strain that can cause euphoric sensations and help in pain relief. It only offers a gentle level of energy increase compared to other varieties. Try our Bali Green and Red Borneo Kratom!

Vein Kratom

This Kratom consists of the parts of the Kratom leaf that were not traditionally harvested before. Recently, users started experimenting with the stems and veins through the unique alkaloid combinations in this material. The effects of crushed stems and veins are seen as very calming and mood-enhancing.

The different colors of Kratom

Kratom Colors

Kratom is indicated by the type and color of the veins of the leaf. There are three different colors in total: White, Green and Red.

White Kratom

Kratom leaves with a white vein in the middle are usually described as energizing and mood-enhancing. White Kratom can be used as a stimulant for mental alertness and sharpness. Users of the White Vein Kratom say they experience more concentration, motivation, and endurance. It can counteract feelings of fatigue and drowsiness without fear or restlessness playing a role.

If you find caffeine too stimulating, you can also experience these jitters with White Kratom. It can also lead to insomnia and a restless night when you take White Kratom too late in the day.

Red Kratom

The most sold Kratom are the Red Vein Kratom strains. Red Kratom is described as calming, relaxing and stress relieving. It can help you experience a sense of well-being and optimism. Red Kratom is also well suited for sleeping. This Kratom strain is known to reduce pain and can be used to relieve muscle tension.

There is quite a difference in effects within the Red Kratom strain products. Some strains, such as Borneo Kratom, are praised for their analgesic effects while some others have a strong mood-enhancing effect which improves the state of mind. It is also important to remember that effects differ depending on the dosage. Small doses may give more stimulating effects, but, for the most part, this type of Kratom is used for relaxation and rest.

Green Kratom

Green Vein Kratom can be described as the Kratom that sits between the White and Red Strains. It is a mild energy amplifier and users say they gain a strengthening of alertness and focus. It is also said that the Green Vein Kratom is widely used in treating pain without experiencing lethargy or drowsiness. Some popular brands from this category are Green Maeng Da and Green Malay.

Green Kratom is sometimes mixed with Red or White Vein Kratom to spread the effects a little more. This way you can avoid getting too strong of a sense of sedation or numbness from the Red Vein Kratom, and also avoid being overstimulated by using White Kratom alone. This type of Green Kratom is often used to treat social anxiety and for recreational purposes; by using it, you can feel a lot more comfortable at social situations to help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and more pleasant.