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Kratom Tea

With this easy Kratom Tea recipe, you can enjoy the benefits of Kratom Powder in a soft, tasty drink. Whether the tea is hot or refreshingly cool like iced tea, it does not matter - the effect will not lose its power if you put your Kratom in a tea.

The Kratom leaves of Southeast Asia are famous for their many advantages. For thousands of years, indigenous cultures have chewed on the leaves, dried them and made them into a powder, and boiled in a ceremonial tea. Why? The heating of Kratom allows the powerful alkaloids to be released faster than just chewing on fresh leaves. As soon as it gets into the water, the alkaloids are absorbed into your bloodstream faster.

Thankfully, boiled water does not damage the psychoactive alkaloids in Kratom. Unlike plants like poppy, Kratom alkaloids are extremely stable in temperatures far beyond what your water can reach when boiling.


Benefits of drinking Tea

Compared to taking powder, Kratom Tea has slightly different effects. In general, the experience with Kratom Tea is more stimulating. In addition, the analgesic effects are slightly reduced. Many people claim that the mood enhancing and euphoric effects are enhanced when drinking Kratom Tea. This is probably due to rapid absorption and digestion, especially on an empty stomach.

Therefore, this method of preparation may not be the best for those seeking relaxation and pain relief; but for those who are looking for increased energy or mood enhancement, this is potentially the most effective method. The infamous "wobbles*" of Kratom are not available when you drink tea.

*Wobbles is basically what happens when you take too much Kratom. As a result, your eyes may have difficulty concentrating and you may experience a slight dizziness.

Optional: Bring some nice taste to your tea with a spoon of honey, sugar, cinnamon, or stevia. On a hot day let it sit in a fridge for one hour to cool down with a Kratom Ice Tea!

Extra Tip: Cut a lemon or lime in half and add to the water before brewing. The acidity protects the alkaloids of the Kratom and adds a good taste to your tea. Drink the tea slowly and give it at least 30 minutes before you begin to feel the effects of Kratom. This Kratom Tea recipe is a very basic method. After having more experience, you can experiment and create your own recipes to make the perfect head of Kratom Tea. As long as you choose good Kratom with the correct dosage, little can go wrong.

Preparing kratom tea

  • - Kratom
  • - Water
  • - Water boiler

Bring half a cup of water in a cooking pan to a mild boil. Add the pre-measured Kratom powder directly to the boiling water. Reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Check the color of the tea. When it becomes a deep orange or yellow color, remove the boiler from the flame. Hold a sieve over your mug and pour the liquid directly into it. Pour the Kratom remnant into the sieve.

Dosages for Kratom Tea

    • - 1 gram: Very mild effect
    • - 3 grams: moderate effect
    • - 5 grams: Potential effect for most users
    • - 10 grams: Strong effect
    • - 15+ grams: Very strong effect - best for experienced users