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Kratom Recipes

Here we have listed some simple recipes for Kratom - a tasty and fast way to enjoy the benefits of your favorite herb without the bitter taste! The use of Kratom in food and beverages does not in any way diminish the potential of effects, so you can be sure to apply these recipes while fully enjoying all the desired effects.

If you combine Kratom with food or a drink (like the recipes below), you can expect the effects to show up 10-15 minutes later than when applying the standard ingestion method.

Kratom Juice

Kratom harmoniously combines with freshly squeezed juices. Kratom mixed with orange juice is our favorite recipe, and a good way to get your daily dose. After mixing all ingredients, add Kratom dosage to this healthy vitamin shot.

1 apple
2 carrots
1 Lemon
A handful of spinach or kale
Add a piece of sliced ​​ginger
5-7 grams of ground Kratom
Cinnamon Oatmeal

Yogurt Recipe

Kratom Powder easily mixes with milk products such as yoghurt. All you have to do is add Kratom powder to your favorite yoghurt, and you can eat it immediately or enjoy at a later time for a healthy snack!

Coconut milk Smoothie Recipe

Coconut milk provides a great coating for the gastric mucosa, and it tastes delicious. The combination of Kratom and Coconut milk prevents the bitter taste of this herb.

1 cup of coconut milk in a blender
1 handful of almonds
Fresh blueberries or strawberries, depending on the season
1 scoop of flavored protein powder
1 cup of ground ice
5 g of your favorite Kratom type
1 spoon of honey or unrefined sugar
Mix all ingredients for 1-2 minutes until smooth.