Kratom Tea - Red Borneo Leaves

Kratom Tea - Red Borneo Leaves


Red Borneo is a lighter version of other similar leaves and is usually consumed in small or lower quantities. The positive effects are pain relief and stress relief. Now you can enjoy this Kratom in the form of tea. It is easier to consume and also very fresh!

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Kratom Red Borneo Tea Leaves

Each Red Borneo plant contains Alkaloids that naturally form compounds to interact with your body's stimuli.

Red Borneo is a lighter version of other similar leaves and is usually consumed in small or lower amounts. The positive effects are pain relief and stress relief.

If consumed in lower doses (under 2 grams), the benefits that can be felt are as follows:
• Stimulation.
• Sharper focus.
• Fuller attention.
• Sedative effect.

If consumed in larger doses (range 3-5 grams), the benefits that can be felt are as follows:
• Become calmer.
• Better sleep quality.
• Muscle feels more relaxed.
• More positive moods.
• Inspiration is more flowing.

Kratom comes in many forms. From dried and ground leaves, powders and extracts. The leaves can be best used as a tea. A simple technique for using Kratom is to brew it into a tea. No special equipment needed other than a strainer or tea ball. Add Kratom leaf, either the powder or the leaves will do, to a small pot of water and bring to a boil. Or put the leaves or powder into a strainer or tea ball in a mug and pour boiling water over it. Let steep 15-20 minutes. Strain out the Kratom and discard.


1-3 grams – Great for most people who are just starting to use Kratom. At this dose, effects are still notable but don’t last as long.
3-5 grams – A good middle dose for Kratom users with a bit of experience. At this dose, users feel more of a stimulant effect.
5-7 grams – This is a relatively powerful dose for most users. At this dose, effects are opposite those of lower doses, with more sedative properties rather than stimulating.
10 grams or more – At 10 grams, Kratom is a strong sedative, not recommended for any but the most experienced users.

Use the following rules when doing your Kratom: start with 2 capsules or 1g of powder on an empty stomach and rinse it off with warm water. Keep a close eye on your experiences and see if the kratom gives the right effects you are looking for. After an hour of observing the effects, you can take the same dosage again. Pay attention to what the results are and whether this has the desired effect. After the evaluation, you can decide for yourself whether you need a higher dose or not.

You can influence the effect of drinking the tea yourself. If you filter out the powder, the Kratom has less effect. It is strongly recommended to keep your dose to a minimum. Determine your maximum dosage yourself and stick to it for the best result.

Kratom Powder Europe

We only have the freshest Kratom for you. All our Kratom leaves are picked by hand. Our farmers work great to offer everyone the very best 100% natural Kratom products of high quality. We have our own drying house and production plant in Indonesia. This way we have full control over the quality. Several times a year we visit our factory to check the quality and (if necessary) improve the factory. We work together with good friends who process our Kratom with the best machines with high hygiene. Each batch of our factory is tested in a test lab.

We keep prs low because we have our own Kratom production. The local population gets financial support when you buy our Kratom.

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Kratom Tea - Red Borneo Leaves

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