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Kratom Extract - LBD 30mg (Red)

Kratom Extract - LBD 30mg (Red)


Kratom Extract - LBD 30mg contains a special blend of herbs including a Kratom Extract of 30mg.

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Kratom Extract - LBD 30mg (Red)

This unique extract is carefully crafted from selected herb extracts and an extract of high-quality Kratom leaves. It's a concentrated form of Kratom that's known for its rich, dark color and unique aroma. This product is carefully packaged to maintain its freshness and quality.


- 30mg Mitragynine
- Ginkgo Biloba Leaves
- Maca Root Powder
- Guarana Powder
- Passion Flower Extract
- Damiana Leaf Extract
- Siberian Ginseng Extract
- HPMC vegetable capsules

Kratom is not on the list of approved Novel foods and novel food ingredients. Therefore it cannot be sold for human consumption.

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