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Rotation of Kratom

A common mistake that many beginners make when using Kratom is that they only buy one type and use it over and over. At first, it works well, but in the end, you will see that the effects are getting weaker.

Rotating Kratom is important for a specific reason, and that is to keep your tolerance low.

If you use the same Kratom type every day, your body becomes used to it, which means that your body builds a tolerance to the specific kind of Kratom, and you experience the effects less strongly.

Imagine doing the same exercises every day. It's hard at the beginning, but your body will ultimately find a more efficient way to execute them. If you do not do that exercise every day, your body won’t adapt so much. With constant exposure to the same, the body will find a better way to process or make use of it.

How do you rotate kratom?

Rotating Kratom means that you have to use a different type of Kratom type every day to experience the desired effects. Preferably, 5 to 7 species should be in your rotation.

If you want to take the same favorite tribe again, it is best to take the same kind again after about 3 days. The more often you take the same kind without rotation, the more tolerance you build, making that particular strain much more difficult to experience effectively.

One thing you can do if you'd like to use the same species on the same day several times is to take a slightly larger dose to match the desired effect. The best thing is to do this after about 3-4 hours from the last time you took it.

So how many types do I need?

This is different per person. If you do not want to use Kratom every day (beginners), then we recommend having a minimum of 3 variations. But to keep the tolerance effective in daily use, you must have about 5-7 species of Kratom.

Each species has their own strength and specific effects, and we usually prefer a different effect every day.