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Kratom Leaves - Maeng Da Red

Kratom Leaves - Maeng Da Red


These Maeng Da Red leaves are sourced from the distinctive Kratom Tree, famed for its unique red veins. Carefully harvested from mature trees, the leaves are then packaged with care to preserve their freshness and quality.

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Kratom Maeng Da Red Leaves

These leaves come from the Kratom Tree, known for its unique red veined leaves. The leaves are carefully harvested from mature trees and packaged to maintain their freshness and quality.

We offer only the freshest Kratom. All of our Kratom leaves are handpicked. Our farmers work diligently to provide everyone with the finest 100% natural, high-quality Kratom products. We have our own drying house and production factory in Indonesia, giving us complete control over the quality. Several times a year, we visit our factory to ensure and, if necessary, improve the quality. We collaborate with trusted friends who process our Kratom using top-notch, hygienic machines. Every batch from our factory is tested in a laboratory. We keep the prices low because we have our own Kratom production.

When you purchase our Kratom, you are providing financial support to the local community.

Kratom is not on the list of approved Novel foods and novel food ingredients. Therefore it cannot be sold for human consumption.

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100g or 1kg
Kratom Type
Maeng Da

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Kratom Leaves - Maeng Da Red

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